Body Lotion – 100ml



This high quality milk acts as an anti-dryness shield for your skin. Perfumed with the natural scent of the champaka flower, it is a real surge of moisture to restore the skin’s tissue. Nourishing and gentle, the milk offers a stimulating, unique formula, which accounts for its rich, creamy consistency and its exquisite, enlivening scent of the champaka flower, tropical, exquisite, intoxicating. The milk acts like a balm used in the beauty rituals of Kuala Lumpur. Its application provides a feeling of wellness and comfort. Inspired straight from traditional Malaysian treatments, the milk smoothes and softens the skin.


Coconut milk, Shea butter, tropical flowers extract, champaka flower extract.

  • Usage tips
    • Part of daily skin care routine, for intensive hydration or whole body massage. Apply a thin layer to
      skin, massaging a little for perfect absorption.


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