Beauty oil – 100ml



The unique, sublime and relaxing treatment provided by this delicate,exquisite oil, intensely moisturizes your skin. The skin is embraced with an immediate sensation of well-being, carried from Malaysian islands such as Kuala Lumpur, where such ancestral treatments took place. The soothing, exotic scent of tropical flowers and champaka flower perfume veils your skin in the pleasures and smoothness of satin. Rich and silky, the oil contains organic Barbary fig oil and organic carotene oil, which make it the perfect tan prolonging oil for sun-kissed skin from the tropical sun.


Organic Barbary fig oil, organic carotene oil, tropical flowers extract, champaka flower extract.

  • Usage tips
    • Apply to dry skin in the morning and/ or the evening, massaging a little for perfect penetration.
    • Serves as tan prolonger after sun exposure.


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