About us

Founded in 2013 in Beirut by Mrs. Cynthia Nehme, and sister company to Al Haffar & Co that was created in 2011, Lux’In holds the exclusive distribution of several brands, in Lebanon, KSA and UAE.

We are ambassadors of brands that need to be developed in this region and we tend to build the image of each brand giving it its own identity.

Lux’In management works just like a sailing boat where all our members work in team and complete harmony to achieve customer satisfaction and positive brand’s image.

We look for the market needs and try to find product that might fulfill them.

This homepage will not only introduce the brands we represent, but also be a beauty advisor and educate you about how to keep your lifestyle a better and perfumed one.

We look to get near you the best ratios quality price with sophisticated and beautiful products.

Every year a new brand is joining our journey and enlarging our concern of giving only the best

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